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How to Consign

Step by Step

Contact Us

Send us an email to with message title "Consignment" or send us a DM to our Instagram Page @goldenkicksmx

Include your full name, full product name, Instagram handle, phone number inside the message.

Include Images

Include images showcasing the product you wish to consign. 

All images must be taken by you and must include: size tag, product in different angles (top, bottom, sides), and box/packaging

We won't accept items without their box or original packaging (exceptions can be made)  

Selling Price

Within the message include the payout you want to receive.

We will send you a new offer in case we notice it's too high.

You will receive your payout ONLY AFTER your consignment has been sold.


Once we receive your email or DM, we at Golden Kicks Mx will verify your products and make a legit check with the images provided.

If you get approved, you will receive shipping instructions. 

This will be one out of two legit checks. 

Ship to Us

You must ship your package to the address provided via email as well as fulfilling the document found HERE.

Shipping to us is paid by YOU. You must provide us with a tracking number. We do not take responsibility for lost or undelivered packages.

We'll send a confirmation message once we have your product in our hands. 

Product Verification

We will perform a second legit check once the package has been received. 

If the product is legit, we will proceed with the consignment process as normal. If you wish for your consignment to be sent back to you, YOU must also pay for that shipping.

If the product is rejected, we will send the product back to you however YOU must pay for the returning of the package.


We at Golden Kicks Mx will try and sell the product at a price that covers our profit and fees for that sale.

Your items will be on display across all our Social Media platforms, website, and we will take them to any events we may attend.


Your payout will not be affected by our fees and will remain the same all throughout the time your item stays with us. You can always change your payout, however, you must notify any of our staff at Golden Kicks Mx.

You can expect our Sales Representatives to message you frequently regarding a potential customer for your items looking for a better price. Said price must be agreed by you as this new price will affect your payout.